Schedule: March 7th, Activities & Talks


Porto de Galinhas
  1. Scuba Diving

    Explore the gorgeous marine fauna and flora of Porto de Galinhas in this baptism diving accompanied by an SSI certified instructor. Provided by Deep Dive.

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Simultaneous Translation
Summerville Beach Resort
  1. Transfer from Recife to Porto de Galinhas

    Leaving from Derby Square
    Leaving from Recife Int. Airport
    Passing through Porto de Galinhas
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  3. Keynote: Better Programmers

  4. On Memory

    John Crepezzi

    The fact that Ruby doesn't require developers to manage memory provides us a much less frustrating day-to-day. Still, there are scenarios where losing sight of the memory implications of our patterns and logic, will get us into trouble! In this talk, I'll go over common (and less common) memory pitfalls, how they work, and how to fix them. More

  5. Building a Single Page App. One Page at a Time.

    Netto Farah

    It may sound simple to build a single page app these days with so many tools such as AngularJs, Knockout, Backbone, etc. But very little is said about transforming an existing app into to a single page one.

    I'll talk about how our team of 4 built the next generation of And how we used Rails + Sinatra + BackboneJs and Mustache to solve problems such as routing, SEO, legacy urls, legacy browser support and some other challenges.

  6. Clean Architecture

    Rails is an awesome framework to build something fast from scratch, but when the app starts to grow it becomes harder to maintain if you keep following only the folders that Rails's initial configuration provides. There are a lot of approaches to get around it, Uncle Bob's Clean Architecture that separates the logic of the app from the delivery mechanism and from the database.

    I will show ways to apply clean architecture to big Rails project and what are the pros and cons of each approach.

  7. Coffee Break

  8. Contributing to Open Source: From the Beginning to Lessons Learned

    Many people have difficulties to do a first contribution to open source, while others try to keep actively contributing. They do not feel confident enough, wondering if are doing it right, if they are following "patterns", if they will make mistakes in public, and this list of questions just keeps growing. This talk will attend the problems I've faced in the last years contributing and maintaining open source projects. It will give tips on how to start and remain active in today's open source world, and preserve your sanity to avoid the burnout. More

  9. Property Testing on Rails

    Andrew Rosa

    The Ruby community is known by its strong culture of testing, but this is not an excuse to refuse alternative approaches. One of these are Property Testing. In those tools we do not express examples, but the possible input formats; instead of specific outputs, characteristics that must remain true. In this way our tools are capable of exhaustively generate test cases and look for failures. In this talk we'll see how to create lean suites with wide coverage using Clojure's power to test a Rails application. More

  10. MRuby: Change the Embedded Development Way

    MRuby (Minimalistc Ruby) is a new Ruby implementation made with resources saving in mind. MRuby is a perfect fit for embedded systems world and for limited responsibility applications. Let's understand the state of embedded system development today from the payment devices perspective. In the talk we'll learn how beautiful and useful MRuby is on a device-browser integration or in command line tool. More

  11. Micro Problems!

    Marcos Matos

    Micro services are trend. It's a magic cure for complex projects. The problem is in the details! Like every trend topic, the problems and complications around this style are not discussed, topics like performance, scalability, integration tests and infrastructure. At this anti-talk we are going to show the traps lurking around micro services' architecture and how to avoid them. More

  12. Coffee Break

  13. Urban Legends: What You Code Makes You Who You Are

    PJ Hagerty

    If you were a carpenter, would your skills at building be more important than the tools you use to build? Skills, right? Tools are just a means to an end. So why do developers think the language they use defines the problems they solve? More

  14. Keynote: The Soul of Software

    Avdi Grimm

  15. Transfer from Porto de Galinhas to Recife

    Leaving from Summerville
    Arriving at Recife Int. Airport
    Arriving at Derby Square
    Passing through Porto de Galinhas